Our Story

Locally Sourced Super Happy Plants

We choose happy organic and always spray free, with preference to richly fed soils.

One Lady To Market Boutique Batches

A small team and a big effort, care is taken in every Darlin’ Dal we serve.

Sustainability Is At Our Very Core!

Darlin’ Dal has been compostable since creation. Biodynamics is our thang.

Only 4 Ingredients Are Needed

Can you believe it? Only 4 ingredients are needed. Talk about SUPERfood!

Where Do We Begin?
Did You Know That 70% Of YOUR Immune System Is In Your Gut?

Why Gut Nourishing Stations?

Darlin’ Dal was born out of a simple life, with a gentle rhythm and skipping to the Earth’s beat.

We sourced all the “good stuff” for you connected to the rich nourished soil… You have kept coming back! Thankyou.

From baby bumps to toddlers to teenagers. Darlin’ Dal’s frozen meal convenience is assisting you to live life to the fullest!

Chemotherapy to Panchakarma, the feedback in digestive health improvement keeps us cooking the goodness for you.

Food can be your medicine!

Are you looking for compostable take-away convenience to suit the many allergies of today?

Local soil rich produce, organic or biodynamic, daily loved a MUST?

Nourishment, gluten free and plant based in compostable or biodegradable packaging? Also a “Gut Nourishing” meal that is versatile and frozen for ease of convenience?

We were looking for… All the good stuff, just like YOU.

What about the forgotten superfood, lentils!

Under the skin of the lentil is “dal”
Darlin’ Dal was born and shared!

Darlin’ Dal was the winner of Kochie’s Channel 7 Business Builders in 2021 (the most innovative business in SA).

The 1st Gut Nourishing Station in the world, cultivated of course in South Australia.

Look forward to meeting you and sharing the love and kindness that truly goes into the making of these 9 recipes by the Darlin’ Dal kitchen.

There are all different ways to raise that positive vibration and get your rhythm back and Darlin’ Dal is only one of them.

For more detailed information about our gut nourishing dals go to our FAQ page.

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Love and Lentils… Ayurvedic cook Jojo and the DD team X

YUM or was that OM