Locally Sourced Superfood Happy Plants

We choose happy organic & always spray free, with preference to richly fed soils (eg: biodynamic).

One Lady To Market Boutique Batches

A small team & a big effort, care is taken in every Darlin’ Dal we serve. The kitchen is always alive with sound & rhythm.

Sustainability At Our Core!

Not only do we love what we do, we love the soil. Darlin’ Dal has been compostable since creation & biodynamics is our thang.

Our Beautiful Dals
From The Magical Medicinal Hotpot

Simple kindness to the gut, to the planet and YOU!

Slowly bubbling away together and skipping to the Earth’s beat, to nourish your every cellular being, are the freshest skinless lentils, slightly spiced veggies and clearest water to create a high protein superfood creamy dreamy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Order one of our “thermos” whilst your here and see our YouTube for so many simple fun recipes. Feeding your soul has always been this easy, some of us had just forgotten… YUM or was that OM?

See below individual dals for ingredients and their nourishment

Coconut Coriander Snap, Crackle & Pop


Coconut base with seeds roasted and kept whole for a unique and popular flavour.

Creamy Cocolicious Sweet Potato


The copper coloured skin wrapped around the organic sweet potato contains a powerhouse of protective vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Vegan Cornish Pasty


Not a pasty, just a creamy homey taste with no garlic it satisfies pasty lovers, using certified organic local celery and her leaves.

The Next Level


Oven roasted organic sweet potato and pumpkin bathing in coconut garam masala and sweet curry leaves.

Nigella After Dark


Called the tradies favourite, certified organic zucchini joins a caramel taste in the fenugreek seeds and leaves.

Miss Broccoli


Full of bioactive compounds, organic broccoli is wrapped in a coconut masala spice.

Magical Urad Ride


Urad dal is brimming with health benefits and makes it a must have. A full bodied spice combo joining some punch and protein with certified organic baby spinach.

Sleeping/Fiery Dragon


Mild to hot chilli spice hangs with organic coconut, celery and pumpkin to warm you at any time of the day.



A no onion, no garlic dish with a delicate flavour and balance of medicinal spice.

Gut Nourishing Station

Nourish your gut with our dals. Skip to the Earthbeat with organic, plant-based goodness