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Darlin’ Dal – Nourishing the Hidden Hunger of your Soul

You ask why?

Apart from the amazing contribution to gut health! 100% plant based, just add water!

Frozen Organic Convenience with only 4 ingredients

What are they…

  • Organic (skinless) lentils washed & pressure cooked
  • Organic high grade coconut oil
  • Organic medicinal spice
  • Organic and pesticide free super fresh vegetables

GF, DF, NF, CF, SF & GMO FREE. What’s left? All the good stuff.
What are you waiting for? This is the Forgotten Superfood

For more information about our dals, check out our FAQ page.

**Please have your orders in by midnight TUESDAY so they can be packed and delivered to your door by FRIDAY**

We deliver from Elizabeth to Noarlunga and everywhere in between. For more information on our delivery areas please click here.

Congratulations Darlin Dal – 2021 SA Innov8rs’ Competition Winner!
Kochies Business Builders.

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To read the official article and hear Jo being interviewed go to Kochie’s Business Builders.