This Is How Darlin’ Dal Started

One day I heard a whisper inside of me…

“Start a dal-bar Joey, you love and adore Ayurveda, have cooked dal for 30 years and maybe it could work.”

Well, three years later and with no advertising, just word of mouth and a loving sense of community, my dal’s are adored by many, from all walks of life and of all ages.

Especially children.

I have eaten Hare Krishna food since my teens and discovered Ayurveda in my early 20s whilst studying nursing. I knew the food rocked for many reasons, for me in my 20s, it was the meatless simplicity yet amazing tastes created using spice.

I had very successful Ayurveda dinner parties using only two cast iron pots. Not bad for someone who initially came from a meat and three veg family.

My journey to get me here has been pretty rad I must say, though not easy and there has been lots I have learnt and will continue to learn.

My 50 metre cliff fall off Marino Rocks in 1993 (there was no railing) was a real game changer. I will tell you more about that in another post as this is where I knew I had tapped into something magical and mysterious…

Anyhow, back to the dal-bar.

I choose sustainability with compostable containers and after implementing organics into Spero’s famous Foodland’s, I knew my dals were always going to be organic. I have the contacts and the background to make this work.

After opening the doors in March 2016 with the book Big Magic at my side prior and still today, I trusted.

In Ayurveda I had learnt three words warmth, precision, patience. Everything you want to create needs to come from the place of your heart, be precise and have patience as it will come.

For me, it has arrived and I am so so grateful and happy to be sharing this journey with you and look forward to sharing more secrets of what I think has been a pretty rad ride so far.

Enjoy this weeks dals you have ordered. Hope to meet and see you in store very soon.

Love and lentils
Jojo (the chanting cook) x

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