Darlin Dal’s Instant Meals #3 – Lucksha

Welcome to Darlin Dal’s instant meals

So out of all of our dials here we’re going to be using the Sleeping Dragon 500 grams to make an instant Lucksha

So take the defrosted Sleeping Dragon remove the tabs and you’ll find a thick dal.

Take the spatula and spatula it into the pan scraping out every last morsel.

We want to get all the organic celery and pumpkin into this one as I said in my last video these containers can be used for planting.

Take your boiling water and pop it in because remember we’re going to be using some coconut milk in this one we’re going to be making it into a soup.

This is our version of a vegan Lucksha so we’ll just turn this up a little bit and change over to a spoon so quick and easy.

Now as that is heating you may need to add a little bit more water afterwards but what we’re going to do is just pour in the coconut milk.

The smell is divine…

Then I add the already chopped up bok-choy about 500 grams making sure I’m stirring in all that goodness.

You could add the noodles into the bottom of the bowl first or you can add them in the pot like i’m going to do now.

Now this only takes a few minutes as well.

The noodles have already been pre-soaked or cooked depending on what noodles you choose.

This is a vegan gluten-free noodle and as that starts to heat you start to see the bubbles.

Now she’s starting to heat up. As you can see I’m adding the noodles into the pot and stirring it through.

Mmmm, yummy.

Once that’s been brought to the boil this pot will make two big bowls of laksa or three smaller ones.

Just mixing in everything here.

First we get the tongs and place the noodles into the bowl

Then we scoop the beautiful Lucksha goodness into the bowl with the noodles.

And there you have it… Vegan Lucksha.

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