Darlin Dal’s Instant Meals #1 – Black Bean Baby

Welcome to Darlin Dal’s instant meals.

Out of all of our dals here we’re taking the Magical Urad 500 grams that we have defrosted overnight and from that we end up with a very, very thick dal.

We remove the compostable lid, we turn on our stove and we use a spatula to spatula it out because we want every little bit of morsel to go in.

Yum, look how thick that is.

We can reuse this container as a planting pot. We take the boiling water and we add it to the dal.

Mmmm, doesn’t that look good? We slowly bring it to the consistency that we need and at this stage I’ll remove my spatula and I’ll use a spoon.

A little bit more boiling water I think mmmm…

Now this meal we’re making is called Black Bean Baby so we have taken a can of organic black beans we have drained them, rinsed them and we’re now going to add it To our magical Urad Ride.

I’m going to stir those in doesn’t that look good and bring that up to heat.

I’m just increasing the heat here, this will take about two minutes.

A 500 gram container will give you around about three dishes of comfortable black bean baby.

Now even though that’s warming quite fast I’ll just show you now how simple it is to add the avocado, the sour cream be it vegan or one that you have purchased from the store.

This one is made from raw cashews you can see that this is coming to the boil

Nothing needed to be added except the black beans so what I might do now is just show you how to assemble them it’s as easy as the Magical Urad, water, drained black beans, avocado, sour cream.

I’ll just show you one serve so we take our corn chips and we use a simple scoop. We pour it over our corn chips add a slice of avocado, sour cream and we have Black Bean Baby.

I’ll just steal some from there… Black Bean Baby

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