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From the SOLD-OUT series and with so much nourishment in the last Ayurveda workshops “Is Food the New Medicine of the Future?”

Where to now? A Podcast and YouTube channel.

Of course! I am so, so excited of the content to come.

Any of you who know my store persona, knows that I love a good chat. I’m in my element talking about who we really are, our magical yet mysterious powers, dreams and whispers, our innate and individual wisdoms unfolding in front for the all, the collective.

For five years now I have had the honour to meet myself in all of you, hold space for raw authentic feelings in highs and lows.

“Jo, I got to go, husband, boys, dogs, vegetables in the car.” The number of times I have held people up.

God Bless you. My dream is to talk to one, though it’s many.

Choosing my absolute favourite topic to begin with and in Adelaide of course it’s Ayurveda. They say ‘Tim Ferris’ choose only what you love to talk about as the audience knows. My mind boggles of guests and unravelling jewels of yummiest.

This week I am filming for Darlin’ Dal how to make the classic creations like laksa or nachos using different Darlin’ Dal recipes. I will show you ratio to water and different flours to make burgers.

The simplicity and versatility of having such tasty 100% plant based full meals on hand. This will go onto the Darlin’ Dal webpage. Mum just created a potato salad dressing using Coconut Coriander Snap Crackle. YUM!

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Jump onto webpage now www.darlindal.com and click on the image to stay in touch with The Chanting Cook. We can stay in touch that way, as it feels more me than the socials. I can tell you about the YouTube launch topics and events to come. I can indulge and sing too, if you will let me!

Keep the socials more about food and related stuff… Off to make the dressing now, thanks Mum.

Love and Lentils always,

Jojo x

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